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Bonding Bee Bail Bonds offers Super EZ Bail Bonds

We will beat or match any other bail bondman’s price.

At Bonding Bee Bail Bonds you’re not just another number. We treat our clients like family.

Being arrested can be very scary. The uncertainty about what will happen next is one of the worst parts of being arrested.

Bonding Bee will explain everything to you and help you figure our your next move. Bonding Bee will help you find an attorney and even drive you to your court date if you can’t find a ride. We’re your complete bail bond solution. We’d love be your bail bond agent. In just minutes you’ll be saying

Momma I’m coming home

Remember the BEE and you'll go FREE

OK, that sounds great. Now what?

Step 1. Call Us!

   Step 2. We work out a payment agreement.

Step 3. We bail you or your loved one out.

With Bonding Bee Bail Bonds it’s that easy!

We can even find out what your bail amount is and then meet you at the jail to finalize paperwork.

[Watch the video below to learn more about making bail]

How long will it take? Usually bonding out of jail takes about 30 minutes, but if the folks at the jail have several bonds to work on it can take a couple of hours. In most cases the bonding process will be fairly quick.

Don’t put up with rude or unfriendly bond agents. Give Bonding Bee a chance and you will see the difference. Don’t worry BEE happy! 844-EZ-BAIL-OUT

We’ve heard so many stories about unfriendly bail bondsmen that we knew we could do better.

You’re not just another number at Bonding Bee Bail Bonds. We treat you like family.


Our philosophy is simple and can be summed up in just three words.

Fast| Friendly | Affordable

Bonding Bee Bail Bonds Has Your Back!

  • We care about our clients. If you need help getting to your court date call us and we’ll make arangements to get you there.
  • We take valuables such as cars and deeds for collateral.
  • Financing is available for qualified individuals.
  • We take the worry out of being arrested.
  • We’re NEVER mad when you call at 2am to get bailed out of jail

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